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My late try on my cool little shetland pony to sketch_dailies. Had an amazing time drawing the girls. Also, First time drawing horses with reference .—-.

6 months ago
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FINALLY DONE WITH THE BUGS. 6 Bugs on a row are just too much for me. Not fun :’

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Excuse me, cute little pikachu coming through!

6 months ago
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Let’s take a moment to appreciate this beautiful notification on Frozen’s credits, shall we?

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#012 Butterfree
Went with a different art style on Butterfree. 
Not sure If I like it better, hmm.

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#011 Metapod

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#010 Caterpie

7 months ago
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Yoda got a new pet. OKAY I HAVE NO IDEAD WHAT I’M DOING. SERIOUSLY. They both have cool ears and green skin so… whatever. I would add Dobby but I got lazy.